Lao Fun Facts

Do you live or work in Laos? Do you have any Lao facts to share? Feel free to do so in the comments below. I will add the best ones to the list.

  • workers daily watering plants and cleaning dust on/from the road median in peak hour and holding up traffic cause the median is only a raised kerb and not big enough to have people stand on it

    Lao people either call me Rhenny or lady when I tell them my name


    They put sugar into most thing here including, but not limited to: pho, all juices, most drinks, most soups, most dishes


    You are constantly having sweaty conversations with expats

  • Most restaurants use toilet paper in place of tissues
  • 555 is slang in this region for hahaha (5 is ‘ha’ in Lao)
  • It’s really dusty and is not helped by the fact that a lot of rubbish like plastic and rubber gets burned
  • Most people living in Vientiane have a better phone than I do
  • There is no train system in Laos
  • All restaurants have their alcohol menu at the front of the menu instead of the back like in Australia
  • You drink beer here WITH ice
  • All seats/couches here are uncomfortable. Chairs are either wooden or have a thin layer of foam which does very little in the way of providing comfort
  • There’s red dust everywhere. It gets in your mouth, in your clothes and in your hair
  • The Banh mi rolls here are better than in Vietnam
  • Beerlao is a staple of the Lao diet
  • There is “whitener” in a lot of products here as being more white is seen as more beautiful here
  • Laos is definitely not known for its customer service…and with good reason
  • The highest value note is 100,000 kip which is around AU$14
  • The main highway running north/south through the country is Highway Number 13

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